Yankee centerfielder Jacoby Ellsbury for Nike.

Nike’s New N7 Dragonfly Collection Features Yankee Jacoby Ellsbury


Nike plans to unveil its spring 2015 N7 apparel collection featuring Yankee centerfielder Jacoby Ellsbury. The line officially launches Wednesday.

The “Just Do It” company created the dragonfly collection to celebrate Ellsbury’s heritage -- he is the first major league player of Navajo descent -- and “passion for speed.” The printed pattern on the clothing is a replica of the patterned patches on a dragonfly’s wing. Nike told ICTMN that the new N7 collection will feature: N7 Tees, a Windrunner Jacket, Printed Capri and Men's Short.

Nike Free N7 4.0 Flyknit shoe

Nike N7 Print Wing T-shirt

But the story behind Nike’s decision to select the dragonfly’s wing as a trademark on its apparel surfaced because of something Ellsbury’s mother told him as a child: "If you catch a dragonfly without killing it, and rub it on the bottom of your feet, it will make you faster," Ellsbury said, according to Nike. This legend was passed down to Ellsbury’s mother from her father, Ellsbury's grandfather. “As a young kid, I would catch as many dragonflies as I could and rub them on the bottom of my feet, and the rest is history,” he said.

Ellsbury shared this story with his younger brothers, and has told it to Native youth who attend his annual N7 baseball camp in Arizona. “Spring is a time when I’m training my hardest to prepare for the season,” Ellsbury told Nike. “I’m proud of the impact of N7 to inspire others to get moving, and prepare for whatever is ahead of them — in sport or in life.”

Nike N7 Windrunner

The Spring 2015 N7 collection will be available beginning March 25 at For more information about Nike N7, visit, and follow Nike N7 on Facebook and @NikeN7.

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bullbear's picture
Submitted by bullbear on
Pardon me for saying so, but I am not convinced that the Native youth will be running to the finish line to order or purchase a pair of these Dragonfly athletic shoes. It isn't for lack of wanting a pair, but how many parents and grandparents are going to be able to afford the Nike N7 collection? Heck, it was a stretch for me to buy a pair of Chuck Taylor Converse back in the glory days when they were only made from canvas. Now the shoes are leather, high quality cloth that comes in all shades of the rainbow and designs limited only by the imagination. Does the multi-million dollar Nike corporation really need a cash infusion from tribal communities, be they urban or rural residents? If they really wanted to make a difference in poorer tribal communities, why not make sizable grant funds available to these communities or donate to their school athletic programs or medical clinics? I am not implying that Nike's efforts are not appreciated, I am merely pointing out alternative methods to bring about longer, healthier lives for our tribal communities. BTW/ its always heartwarming to see the canvas Converse on our youth, even today, for this old fogey from the class of 1970.