The 50 Most Inspiring 'Dear Native Youth' Tweets


Since Wednesday, Natives on Twitter have been sharing inspiring messages to the younger generation, one tweet at a time, using the hashtag #DearNativeYouth. The outpouring of wisdom and love has prompted declarations of "best hashtag ever" and no shortage of tears of joy. According to Adrienne Keene (@NativeApprops), the tag was started by @MahpiyaWaciWin; an official account, @DearNativeYouth is collecting and retweeting the messages as best it can. So far, we've heard from rappers, DJs, comedians, organizations, educators, writers, and Indian country's favorite Olympic gold medalist. The tweets are uniformly powerful, and the effect is magnified when you scroll through hundreds of them (as we've been doing)—here are our picks for 50 of the best:

Frank Waln @FrankWaln
#DearNativeYouth you deserve to be happy, healthy and respected no matter who you are or where you're from

Whitney Sawney @whitneysawney
#DearNativeYouth you have a purpose, give us the honor of witnessing what you are capable of. 

A Tribe Called Red @atribecalledred
#DearNativeYouth Your existence is crucial. We appreciate and love you.

Loki's Banphrionsa @ReinaAtlantico
#DearNativeYouth if you are also black don't let anyone tell you your indigenousness isn't valid.

Canada Council @CanadaCouncil
#Dearnativeyouth: Keep making art.

RPS @slow_ro
#DearNativeYouth you're the generation that can help ERASE this ignorance. #NotYourMascot 

Pam Palmater @Pam_Palmater
#DearNativeYouth Try hard 2 see through the noise. Take in positive, push out negative. Pass on truth & challenge racism. We have the power.

Don Kelly @thedonkelly
#DearNativeYouth You're growing in size & strength everyday, a force to be reckoned with. Keep using that for positivity & progress!

bYE L L O W T A I L @Byellowtail
#DearNativeYouth you're brilliant and resilient. Your purpose is much higher than you can'll see. Step into your power.

Shane Keepness @shanerr7
#DearNativeYouth learn your language, it's one of the few things that connects you to your ancestors

Jacob Bearchum @Jbearchum
#DearNativeYouth The future is yours to write, so write it! 

#DearNativeYouth you are not alone. Tribal leaders support you.

Sunny Clifford @SunnyClifford
#DearNativeYouth thank you for inspiring me to be a better version of myself everyday.

Billy Mills ‏@BillyMillsGold
#DearNativeYouth your dreams help build a strong future for you & your communities. I look forward to watching your dreams come to life!

#DearNativeYouth @dearnativeyouth
#DearNativeYouth its okay to think you've hit rock bottom, but know there will always be a way for you to soar again. Never give up.

Megan Red Shirt-Shaw @mredshirtshaw
#DearNativeYouth We were all just like you once, some with mentors along the way who helped us learn from mistakes. Reach out. We are here!

RandiRourkeBarreiro @RandiRourke
#DearNativeYouth Step up before you think you're ready and discover that you've been ready all along! Konoronkwa, good medicine to you.

Savannah Baber @SomeCallMeSav
#DearNativeYouth never let go of your heritage. Ignore the people who make fun of it. Prove that it is a major part of your success.

Sonya @honey_child
#DearNativeYouth "don't let anyone tell you you can't do anything because you're Indian and a girl" My dad to me when I was 3. #nativewomen

Emily McDonald @emilydmcd
#DearNativeYouth you're the future! Continue to carry the legacy/culture left by your elders. You have beautiful customs-dont forget them!

Zoey Pricelys Roy @Pricelys1
#DearNativeYouth you are complex and worth the wait. Be patient with yourself.

vivian @VivianOD
#DearNativeYouth "You're young, brown and free. Go for it!" -- my mom to me 25 years ago #passingiton

Witko @Witk0
#DearNativeYouth WE NEED YOU.

OffendedNDN ‏@_RuthHopkins
#DearNativeYouth I was a teen mom. I attempted suicide & died. Now I'm a writer & judge & can do anything I want. Life is worth living.

Paul Echo Hawk @pechohawk

Anthony @NDNLogosAGoGo
#DearNativeYouth if leadership doesn't reflect your needs, be that leader. But you already knew that :P

Pamela J. Peters @NavajoFilmmaker
#DearNativeYouth ayoo aniinish'ni (I Love you!)

Dana Arviso @dana_arviso
#DearNativeYouth We're here to support you in becoming a healthy & culturally grounded Native leader. What do you need from us?

social justice npc @aspartameaddict
#DearNativeYouth you carry with you the legacy of a people that have stayed strong and survived against all odds - continue it with pride

Samaku @erynwisegamgee
#DearNativeYouth it's okay to be angry. Channel that anger into art. Use that fuel and make positive, impactful fire.

Jamie @JamieNortherly
#DearNativeYouth your perspectives are important, and you have the power to change the course of history #seventhfire

Twyla @Indigenia
#DearNativeYouth do you know you are a part of a vision? U r the realization of dreams and prayers, the reason the old ones fought 2live.

Cinnamon Spear @CinnamonRuby
#DearNativeYouth Dont ever be afraid to leave home. Creator places people in your life to help you. Trust me, you'll find family everywhere!

Makwa Giniw Ikwe @DJgoldtooth
#DearNativeYouth trust in yourself to know what's true. You are the experts and nothing is more spiritual than your own intuition and wisdom

UnsuperJay @unsuperjay
#DearNativeYouth grasp onto family wherever you can find it, even in strangers.

CNAY @Center4Native
#DearNativeYouth: Sing loudly! 

Daazhraii @Princesslucaj
#DearNativeYouth make mistakes! It's ok cause how else r u supposed to learn to be good human beings? U r strong beyond measure & we need u

Mark Trahant ‏@TrahantReports
#DearNativeYouth Vine Deloria Jr promises every generation will have a Tecumseh, a Joe Garry (I would add a Lucy Covington). It's your turn.

Empathyman @ArchAngelofHelm
#DearNativeYouth the adversity you face today will give you the skills you need to succeed later in life. Persevere and overcome

Siouxweet N' Sauer @SiouxweetNSauer
#DearNativeYouth travel & explore every chance you get...even if it's through a book.

Tiffany @TiffEncina
#DearNativeYouth Remember that you have a right to be heard and a strong voice to speak with. Never let anyone make you feel otherwise

#DearNativeYouth you are the future leaders of our nations. We know we are in good hands. We are proud of you and we support you. #fnpoli

Naát'áaníí Nez Means @Nataanii_Means
#DearNativeYouth Ive been where you're at, Ive had the same thoughts and doubts. Persevere because in time you'll see how beautiful life is.

Carol Buswell @cbuswell67
#DearNativeYouth You are the future.  Learn and then teach.  The world depends on this.

Dan Stinehart @JiibayDan
#DearNativeYouth Talk and listen to as many of the elders as you can. One day you will carry that wisdom for the next generation & onward.

0ddrey @dreezxlivefree
#DearNativeYouth you are NOT mascots.

Johnnie Jae ‏@johnniejae
#DearNativeYouth Never fear standing alone or speaking out. When you stand, we stand with you. When you speak, we listen.

Ryan McMahon Comedy ‏@RMComedy
#DearNativeYouth No proclamations or directions from me. You tell me. I'm ready to follow.

Joe Rainey Sr. @rainmanmnx33
#DearNativeYouth No one will ever turn you away from a drum or singing. Go all out with open ears.

Suzanne Morrison @DelSuze
#DearNativeYouth you got this. You are the future, and you are going to rock it so hard.

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