Chris Tharp Chickasaw Nation
Chickasaw Nation
Chickasaw Nation Governor Bill Anoatubby appointed Chris Tharp as the Executive Officer of Tribal and Commercial Health.

Chickasaw Nation Names New Executive Officer of Tribal and Commercial Health

Chickasaw Nation

Chickasaw Nation Governor Bill Anoatubby appointed an Ada, Oklahoma native as the Executive Officer of Tribal and Commercial Health.

Leadership and planning at all locations of Sovereign Medical Solutions will be under the management of Chris Tharp.

“We believe Chris Tharp is well suited to his new position,” said Secretary of Commerce Bill Lance. “We believe he has the knowledge and experience necessary to explore new opportunities to leverage the success and operational knowledge of our tribal healthcare system to the benefit of our neighbors through our business operations.”

Mr. Tharp will manage the clinical operations of Sovereign Medical Solutions, assist with the evaluation of new business opportunities and develop growth strategies for tribal and corporate business initiatives.

“This new position allows me to be a visionary while fulfilling the overall mission of the Chickasaw Nation,” Mr. Tharp said. “My heart is with the Chickasaw Nation. I am so appreciative and am so blessed to be here.”

For the past 18 years, Mr. Tharp has worked in a variety of positions for the tribe. He began his journey with Emergency Medical Services. From there, he worked his way up through the Chickasaw Nation Department of Health.

The pinnacle of his career was being on the ground floor development for the Chickasaw Nation Medical Center where he worked to make a dream of the Chickasaw Nation and its citizens a reality.

“It humbled me, but it also made me proud to be a part of that,” Mr. Tharp said. “Everything I’ve done here just leads me to the next thing.”

Mr. Tharp earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration at East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma.

He resides in Roff with his wife of 25 years, Marjana, and their two sons Colton and Cody.

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