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Former Senator Mark Begich

Former Sen. Begich Joins Sonosky Chambers As Native Policy Advisor


Former Sen. Mark Begich was recently announced as a policy advisor on Native American affairs for the Washington, D.C. based law firm of Sonosky Chambers Sachse Miller & Munson LLP.

The announcement was made by the full-service firm devoted to representing Native American interests across the United States on March 24. The firm has offices in Alaska (Anchorage and Juneau), San Diego and Albuquerque.

“Senator Begich was a tireless and effective advocate for Native American interests in Congress, and his unique experience in the Senate brings invaluable assistance to tribal governments and Native organizations everywhere,” Lloyd Miller, Sonosky Chambers partner, said.

Begich served as Senator for Alaska from 2008 to 2014, while in the Senate he chaired the Senate’s Democratic Steering Committee. He also served on the following committees: Indian Affairs, Budget, Appropriations, Commerce, Science and Transportation, Veterans, and Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. Begich was an ally and advocate for Alaska Native and American Indian issues, addressing such diverse topics as fish and game subsistence rights, health care, land rights, government contracting preferences, contract support costs, taxation, health care, job training and employment, law and order, and violence against women. Before becoming a Senator, Begich served as Mayor of Anchorage for two terms.

“I look forward to continuing my work fighting to help Alaska Native and Lower 48 Tribes better meet the needs of their citizens,” Begich said. “Sonosky Chambers includes some of the finest Indian law attorneys in the Nation and it will be an honor to work alongside them on these critical issues.”

The law firm serves as special and general counsel to multiple tribes and tribal organizations across the U.S. Sonosky Chambers has worked in the areas of tribal sovereignty, self-governance, health care, gaming, commercial transactions, land and water rights, hunting and fishing rights, labor law, transportation and infrastructure development, environmental law, child welfare matters, and the many diverse matters which come before tribes as local governments. The firm also has an active tribal rights litigation practice and, in recent years, has recovered hundreds of millions in damage awards against the United States.

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Submitted by AlaskaPi on
Thank you for your continued service, Mr Begich. I very much appreciate the work you have done for the Native community here .