Jason Momoa and Kiowa Gordon share a moment of downtime during the filming of Red Road's second season. Source:

Jason Momoa and Kiowa Gordon of 'Red Road' Answer Fans' Questions


Season 2 of The Red Road, a series about conflicts between a Tribe of Lenape Indians and a nearby town, premieres Thursday night (April 2) on SundanceTV. In the new episodes we'll see the show taking on more issues that Native Nations know all too well—especially Federal recognition and the complications of casino money. Indigenous actors Jason Momoa (Native Hawaiian), Kiowa Gordon (Hualapai), and Gary Farmer (Cayuga) will be joined by Wes Studi (Cherokee).

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SundanceTV has posted a number of "Superfan Q&A" videos to its YouTube channel; in the two clips below, Momoa and Gordon respond to viewers. For more information on The Red Road, visit its page at SundanceTV's official site.

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