Idaho State Police via The Guardian
Screen grab of the shooting of Jeanetta Riley, who was 36, pregnant and addicted to methanphetamine when she was shot outside a hospital while brandishing a knife.

Police Shooting of Mentally Disturbed Native Woman Caught on Camera


When Shane Riley brought his wife Jeanetta to the hospital because she was threatening self-harm, he was trying to save her life. But 15 seconds after the mentally ill, pregnant 36-year-old Native woman arrived, she was dead—shot by police while wielding a knife.

A report in The Guardian, highlighted on Gawker, details the tragic incident in rural Idaho in July 2014 and contrasts it with another police shooting that occurred 14 hours later, in a town 45 miles away. The casualty: a dog named Arfee.

One incident sparked public outrage and netted an $80,000 payout to the victim’s family, delivered two weeks ago, The Guardian reported. The other family has not received so much as an apology. Hint: The dog rated, while the woman with meth addiction and alcohol problems did not.

If that sounds unbelievable, watch the video procured by The Guardian. It was all caught on camera.

Half of the 1,000 people who police kill annually are mentally disturbed, The Guardian noted.

It is tragically reminiscent of several other shootings of Natives by police, all of them mentally disturbed as Riley was. 

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Read A Tale of Two Killings: What Happened When Idaho Police Shot a Dog and a Pregnant Woman in One Day in The Guardian.

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Dogs and minorities - I guess we know who is more important in the minds of the average American.