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Cherokee/Creek/Osage artist Yatika Starr Fields at work on a previous mural. Image source: Facebook

Yatika Starr Fields Will Paint Mural Near Muscogee (Creek) Nation Council House


The following is a release from the Muscogee (Creek) Nation:

OKMULGEE, Okla. — Muscogee (Creek) artist Yatika Starr Fields will be constructing a mural April 6-12 near the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Council House in Okmulgee.

The 45-foot by 15-foot artwork will incorporate Mvskoke culture and history in an effort to revitalize the downtown area with the history of Okmulgee.

The MCN Cultural Center and Archives sponsored the project.

“This is an exciting opportunity for our department to continue our mission of cultural sharing and education,” CCA Special Project Coordinator Christopher Azbell said.

Fields will be painting the mural near 7th Street and Morton Street, across from the Council House.

The mural is an extension of the beautification process of downtown Okmulgee through the Okmulgee Rising campaign.

“What better way to beautify a city than to bring in beautiful art that has historic, cultural and artistic meaning,” CCA Interim Director Justin Giles said.

CCA is also collaborating with Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology for the Orangefest Glo Run, which ends at the Council House. The department hopes to light up the mural for the event.

An artist, colorist, painter and muralist, Fields attended the Art Institute of Boston from 2000-2004. His artwork combines his Native heritage with the energy of urban life and inspiration he received from living on the East Coast and New York City.

Fields has completed many exhibitions and murals including “Eagles of Klamath” in Portland, Ore., in 2014 and “Connecting Roads From Past to Present,” commissioned by the Oklahoma State University Museum of Art in 2013.

Fields said that he is inspired by the many Muscogee (Creek) artists who came before him.

“For me it’s an honor and I’m humbled to be able to bring forth my art to the community,” Fields said. “My style is color and movement. What I want to encapsulate in this mural is to show my style and include elements of Mvskoke culture that carry us and have carried us to where we are now.”

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