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Louie Gong Seeks Interns for his Pioneering Eighth Generation Brand


Louie Gong, Nooksack, is well known in Indian country both as a designer and an advocate for fairness in a design world that tends to steal a lot of ideas from Native artists. Now he's looking for some young go-getters to help him while learning a ton about entrepreneurship and design. 

That's right -- Louie Gong needs interns. Selected applicants will work alongside Gong and his staff for three months, and receive a stipend of $1000 to $1500, depending on experience.

"You will work closely with Louie as he develops numerous projects, supporting him on tasks suited to your skill set and interests while providing thoughtful analysis related to artwork, fashion and/or marketplace," reads the project description at Gong's official site. "Throughout this experience, you will be encouraged to explore your own artwork and ideas with support from Louie."

Those interested (note: you must be a resident of Washington state) can begin the application process by e-mail -- visit the 2015 internship announcement page at for full details.

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