You Can Help 11 Films About Native Culture Win a Webby Award


The Ways, a series of documentary films about Great Lakes Native culture and people, has been nominated for a People's Voice Webby Award, and viewers can vote online.

The 11 short films (all of them less than six minutes in length) that make up The Ways cover a wide variety of topics. Preservation of culture is addressed in videos about language revitalization and pow wow dancing; pieces on hunting and fishing document Natives' ongoing relationship with nature; and clips that treat basketball and boxing demonstrate the power of athletics in the lives of young people. 

The Ways is nominated for a People's Voice award in the "Online Film & Video: Documentary: Series" category. If the series wins, it will be recognized at the 19th annual Webby Awards ceremony, which takes place May 18 and is hosted by comedian Hannibal Burress. VOTE HERE:

Below are three episodes from The Ways; you can see all 11 online at The Ways official site.

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