Rand Paul's campaign made avatars for a variety of groups, as well as races and ethnicities, that support his candidacy for president.

'NDN For Rand': Senator Rand Paul Seeks Native American Supporters via Twitter

Simon Moya-Smith

Just two days after Republican Senator Rand Paul announced his run for the presidency, a Twitter account was launched solely to organize and galvanize Native American supporters.

The account, titled, "NDN For Rand," is specifically for “Native Americans Who Support Rand Paul,” the page’s description reads.

On April 7, the Washington Post’s Hunter Schwarz reported that Paul’s campaign released social media profile avatars for several racial groups – including Native Americans, but left out white, Asian, Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, or Hispanic or Latino.

Paul’s ticket for the presidency comes only four years after he proposed a budget that would cut funding to programs that benefit Native Americans.

ICTMN’s Rob Capriccioso reported in 2011 that then-junior congressman Paul called for the elimination of funding to the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) and wanted to cut at least half of the funds slated for Indian Health Service (IHS).

At the time of this post, the NDN 4 Rand Twitter page had less than 100 followers.

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Submitted by curtj on
What Natives support the Republicans? I know that democrats and republicans both are bribed on behalf of corporate interests who are stealing Native resources and lands but the democrats are the lesser of 2 evils. So what kind of Natives vote for the Republican scumbags? Ass kissers?