Best of Show Joyce Yazzie Indian Pueblo Cultural Center
Indian Pueblo Cultural Center
This piece by 11th grader Joyce Yazzie won Best of Show at the 36th Annual Native American Student Art Show.

Native Students Explore Leadership Through Art


Joyce Yazzie, an 11th grader of To’Hajiilee Community School, took home Best in Show from the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center’s 36th Annual Native American Student Art Show. This year’s event honors the 150th anniversary of the Lincoln Canes being presented to the 19 Pueblos by President Abraham Lincoln as a symbol of sovereignty.

More than 190 Native American students from 14 schools across the state entered work under the theme “Symbols of Leadership: Family, School & Community.” Students were asked to reflect on the potential of leadership to transform individuals, families and communities.

Martina Sarracino, a 10th grader from the Native American Community Academy, won first place in the Drawing category in grades 9-12. (Indian Pueblo Cultural Center)

“With this year’s anniversary of the Lincoln Canes, we felt it was important for students to explore how they might contribute as a leader to their communities now and in the future,” Deborah Jojola, the center’s curator of exhibitions, said in a release. “We wanted them to consider what makes a strong leader and what core values a leader should possess.”

Student artwork will be on display through April 30 at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, 2401 12th Street NW in Albuquerque.

“The art show encourages students to share inspiration and reflect upon their deep-rooted history and traditions,” Travis Suazo, the center’s executive director, said in a release. “By nourishing our youth through the arts, we support their ‘gifts’ and creative talents to be our next generation of indigenous artists.”

Rhianna Chama, a 7th grader from Santo Domingo Middle School, won first place in the Dimensional category for Grades 4-8. (Indian Pueblo Cultural Center)

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