Anders Breivik
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Anders Breivik is just one of many Stormfront followers who perpetrated violence over the years.

White Supremacists Doing Horrible Things to All People: Stormfront’s Greatest Hits

Steve Russell

In recognition of the 20th anniversary of Stormfront, the foremost purveyor of racist ideology on the World Wide Web, here is a brief and by no means complete list of the violence they have perpetrated against others… and themselves.

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The Southern Poverty Law Center calls Stormfront “the murder capital of the Internet” and claims that its members have committed approximately 100 homicides since 2009. Stormfront claims that SPLC lies.

Here is only a partial list of their violent acts:

In 1999, Stormfront user Buford Furrow Jr. went on a shooting spree, wounding three small children, a girl, and an elderly woman at a Jewish daycare center and killing a Filipino-American postal worker.

Buford O’Neal Furrow Jr. is led out of federal court in Las Vegas in this August 11, 1999 file photo after he waived his right to an extradition hearing. (AP Images/Laura Rauch)

In 2000, Stormfront member Richard Scott Baumhammers killed a 63-year-old Jewish woman, shot the windows out of a synagogue, and painted swastikas on the walls. He then went hunting for non-whites and killed six people, including Indians from India, a Chinese, a Vietnamese, and an African-American. He also found time to spray a second synagogue with bullets before being apprehended. Baumhammers is now a resident of Pennsylvania’s death row. The public record does not reflect what happened to the girlfriend he met on the Stormfront singles page.

Richard Baumhammers (AP Images/Keith Srakocic)

A synagogue defaced by Richard Baumhammers. (

In 2002, Stormfront Youth member Ian Bishop, 14, killed his brother with a hammer because he suspected the boy was gay.

Ian Andrew Bishop (Tribune-Review/AP Images/Scott Spangler)

In 2008, a Stormfront user with over 5,000 posts in four years, James Leshkivich, strangled his wife and then hanged himself. What does this have to do with white supremacy? Nothing, but it’s more evidence that these people are seriously disturbed.

The next year, Richard Andrew Poplawski, an active poster on Stormfront for 20 months who had written fondly about his AK-47, used it to kill three Pittsburgh police officers and wound a fourth.

Richard Andrew Poplawski (AP Images/Jason Minick)

Stormfront proved that it does have some limits in 2010, when it came out that Curtis Boon Maynard had been kicked off the site for posting the personal information of a black juror who voted to acquit a black murder suspect. Stormfront brought this up when Maynard, who had posted on its site about 900 times, killed his ex-wife and shot his teenage stepdaughter before killing himself.

In 2011, Stormfront user Anders Breivik went on a rampage in Norway, killing 77 people, most of them teenagers. His written justification defined the enemy as Islam, feminism, and multiculturalism. Presumably, he meant mainstream Islam, since fundamentalist Islam agrees that feminism and multiculturalism are enemies.

In 2012, Eric Newman, who posted on Stormfront under two user names, tortured, killed, and dismembered a Chinese immigrant to Canada.

The Berlin police mugshot of Luka Rocco Magnotta, or Eric Newman taken following his arrest. (Wikipedia)

That same year, Stormfront user J.T. Ready killed four people, including an infant, before killing himself.

J.T. Ready (Corbis/Natalie Keyssar)

Also in 2012, Stormfront user Wade Michael Page attacked a Sikh temple, killing six and wounding four others.

Wade Michael Page (Myspace)

In 2013, the man Stormfront founder Don Black described as the first person he met in the white nationalist movement was executed for the murders of eight of the 20 people authorities believe he killed because they were non-white or Jewish. Black’s hero goes down in history as the first man Missouri executed with pentobarbital but we choose to leave him in deserved anonymity.

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Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
What do all of these assholes have in common (other than the mistaken belief that their ethnicity is superior to others)? All of them (with the exception of Richard Andrew Poplawski) used violence and aggression against innocent, defenseless people to show how superior they are. ____________________________________________________________ How does killing children, or old people, or people in their place of worship, or people going about their jobs, or life further your cause? It doesn't! Morons with few accomplishments in their personal lives need a scapegoat to blame for their lack of success. The same is true of the "suiciders" (idiot Dubya Bush's name for suicide bombers) who feel that they need to have some way to be remembered (martyred is the excuse whereby zealots get stupid zealots to do horrible things). Actually, some of these "suiciders" may have more balls than these Up-Tightie-Whiteys - they kill themselves after their carnage is over.

Jeremy Jozef
Jeremy Jozef
Submitted by Jeremy Jozef on
They are truly the White American equivalent of ISIS. They might say they're violent because of their Christian values, but really it just comes down to blaming their problems on minority groups. From what I've read, a lot of these single, white guys come from sad backgrounds and broken homes and the only thing that seems to work is getting them employment and showing them compassion. Too bad there isn't more compassion around in the world because everyone benefits when they experience positive support. It also helps when a whole community knows what hate groups are up to and refuse to be bullied by them. Your article does a good job of shining light on the ugliness of hate all around us. See also -

Juliet's picture
Submitted by Juliet on
Please, super-powered aliens, PLEASE take these supremacist/separatist dolts (whatever their color, religion, and/or ethnicity) and dump them on their very own planets somewhere. Then they can live just as they want and will have no excuses for their failures.

bilswann's picture
Submitted by bilswann on
Supremacist of any ilk are by definition idiots. Until someone bleeds other than red, we are all one people. Having said that in the article above there is not a single instance of this particular group of hating Native Americans. We are not necessarily on their Christmas Card list, but on the other hand we are not among their primary targets either. We have enough people that hate us without trying to start another fight with people that don't. There is another reason they don't try to terrorize Native Americans, we usually shoot back when shot at.

swrussel's picture
Submitted by swrussel on
@ bilswann. You need to follow the "Happy Birthday" link in the story above and read what the Stormfront crowd has to say about American Indians. Killing us is not a priority because they consider us a dying race anyway. That said, I don't doubt that any Indian who happened into the gunsight when one of these nutcases goes on a rampage is dead. Their most common error in mass murder is killing some white person who happens to be at a Jewish facility when the victim turns out to be not Jewish. Being homicidal toward Jews is hard; being homicidal toward non-whites is easy and Indians will do just fine when the objective is to kill as many as possible before the cops kill you or cart you away.