Simon Moya-Smith
Lacy Jay, 7, Lakota, testifies on March 23 at the Colorado State Capitol in favor of a bill that would regulate the abundance of Native American mascots in the state.

Colorado Republicans Ready to Kill Mascot Bill in Senate

Simon Moya-Smith

A bill that would regulate the use of Native American mascots in Colorado will likely be heard in the Republican-lead Senate next week where it's expected to die, the bill sponsor said.

The bill, HB1165, which passed the House on Wednesday, would require schools throughout the state to seek approval from a subcommittee of Native Americans if a school wishes to continue using its Native American mascot and moniker.

Bill sponsor House Representative Joe Salazar, a democrat, said the bill is imperative to the mental health and stability of Native American kids. One study found that Native American youths reported low self-esteem and a reduced sense of self-worth after being exposed to Indian mascots and monikers.

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If next week the bill is assigned to the Senate State, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee, infamously known at the Colorado State Capitol as the 'Kill Committee,' the Republicans there will swiftly kill the legislation, sources tell ICTMN.

The Republicans in Colorado have argued that local school districts, not state governments, should address such issues.

Currently, there are more than 30 schools throughout Colorado with Native American or Native American-themed mascots.

Last month, the bill was heard in the House of Representatives Education Committee where a long-list of Native Americans, including members of the comedy troupe, the 1491s, testified in favor of the bill. It passed there 6 to 5 on a straight party-line vote.

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Michael Madrid
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Of COURSE Republicans will kill the bill! Haven't you heard? Their country has been taken from them. They want to return to the America where they could still buy a Black man and get paid for hunting Indians and Mexicans.