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Night Shield performs at the record release party for 'Sex, Drunks & Hip Hop III: The Addiction.' Image source:

Night Shield Releases Sobriety Anthem 'Pieces of Me' [Video]


Hip hop artist Night Shield grew up on the Rosebud Indian Reservation and has won two Native American Music Awards. He's the founder of the N.S.E. label and has caught the eye of Vibe magazine and the creators of the comic book series Scalped. But perhaps the biggest accomplishment on his recent resume occurred March 27—his six-month anniversary of sobriety.

On the same day, the video for "Pieces of Me" featuring Ashlee Faye, premiered on YouTube. It's the second single from his sixth album, Sex, Drunks & Hip Hop III: The Addiction.

“I wanted to show a balance in the lifestyle," Night Shield says. "While most of my album deals with the fun side of living life in the fast lane, 'Pieces Of Me' shows the repercussions, in my life anyway, to my battles with addiction. It’s definitely a song that hurt to write as I had to deal with things that I don’t always like to admit to myself."

Night Shield's music is available on iTunes and at For more information, follow Night Shield's Facebook page.

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