Mauna Kea Dancing Screenshot
Protesters rally and dance atop Mauna Kea.

Video: Dancing and Rallying for Mauna Kea


Thousands are rallying atop Mauna Kea to make sure the Thousand Meter Telescope is not built, but that’s not all it’s about.

“It is a rally call that has unified our people, the Hawaiian community,” says protester Hina Wong in the video, posted by KITV on YouTube on April 13. Wong goes on to say that this isn’t just about a telescope, “This is really about our political status, our rights as a Native people of this land.”

“So much strength gathered today, so much mana gathered… the power of the people,” says protester Kahookahi Kanuha in the video.

A short clip of this video with protesters dancing has been circulating on social media, that portion begins at about 2 minutes in.

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