8 Possible Ways to Tell You Might Be Married to a Native If…

Vincent Schilling

In the world of being married to a Native person, just what are some of the determining factors? Just how can you be sure that you are married Native style?

Well, we’ve decided to put a few thoughts together and come up with a checklist of sorts in case anyone out there just isn’t too sure. True, every marriage in the Native world is a little bit different than another – but let’s admit – there are some similarities … so in this light, here are 8 possible ways to tell: You Might Be Married to a Native …

If you come home late from hanging with the boys and your regalia is out on the lawn

You know what we’re talking about – you said you’d be home at eight, and you come rolling in at 2 a.m.? Is it a surprise to find your stuff on the lawn? Except the amazing thing – how did all your stuff get out on the lawn without one single feather touching the ground?

If you have his and her deluxe monogrammed powwow chairs

When you go to the powwow and the folks around you look on with desire at your custom-made monogrammed powwow chairs with monogrammed names and of course drink-holders – then you might be married Native style.


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