Marlon Brando and Billy Frank: Gyasi Ross Pays Poetic Tribute [Video]


Gyasi Ross currently signs his columns for ICTMN "Editor at Large" or some version of "Author/Attorney/Activist/Dad"—the author of The Thing About Skins is a Skin with a lot of things going on.

Meet his newest thing: Gyasi Ross, hip hop artist.

Ross has been hard at work on an album called Isskootsik (Before Here Was Here) for awhile now, and we've been itching to hear it. Something from it. Anything. C'mon bro, don't keep us waiting.

The album has a projected release date of May 12, and is already available for pre-order on iTunes.

And as of yesterday, the something from it we wanted to hear is out there—Ross's label posted this video for "Marlon Brando" to its YouTube channel. Gyasi the rapper is a lot like Gyasi the writer—a student of history, a true believer in Native strength, a lover of Native people, a straight-talker. Enjoy this clip, and we'll keep you posted as Ross's new adventure unfolds.

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