NB3 Foundation Awards $80,000 to Native Nonprofits Serving Navajo Children


The Notah Begay III Foundation’s (NB3) Native Strong: Healthy Kids, Healthy Futures program, has awarded $80,000 to two Native nonprofits, according to a press release. The program focuses on negating childhood obesity, and improving the health of Navajo children.  

The grantees, Tolani Lake Enterprises (TLE), Inc. in Little Colorado River Valley, Arizona, and The STAR School in Flagstaff, Arizona, each received $40,000 through generous support from the Zegar Family Foundation

“Through the kind generosity of the Zegar Family Foundation we are able to expand our support to Native-led community-based organization directly addressing the epidemics of childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes,” Justin Huenemann, executive director of the NB3 Foundation said in a news release. The Zegar Family Foundation said in the release, “It is especially important for funders like ourselves who work in the area of improving health and nutrition for underserved communities to reach out to people in this country who have been ignored for much too long!" 

Tolani Lake, and The STAR School will utilize the grant money to focus on community-based efforts to fight against childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes among Native American children and their families.

For more information on Native Strong or the NB3 Foundation, visit NB3Foundation.org.



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