Photo: Cutest Pow Wow Kid of the Week


Indian Country Today Media Network’s pow wow kid of the week is four-year-old Ozaawaa Annimikii Morris-Helms, which means "Yellow Thunder" in Ojibwe.

His parents are John Helms and Gretchen Morris, and he is registered with the Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa in Wisconsin.

These photos were taken at the Red Cliff Pow Wow, which was held in July 2014. Ozaawaa was chosen as the Littlest Junior Brave 2014-2015 at the pow wow. His dance style is grass dance, traditional dance, but according to his grandfather Stephen Reynolds, he does a lot of different styles during the pow wows and has been "doing this since he was able to walk."

If you know a child ICTMN can feature as a Cutest Pow Wow Kid of the Week, please submit your images to us at [email protected]. In the email, include the child’s: name, age, parent's names, tribal affiliation, his/her dance style, and a little bit about the pow wow he/she attended.

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cojee madison
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In about 1982 or ’83, at the Denver March Pow Wow, I was sitting at the Leonard Peltier table when one of our women came back laughing. She told us that she had encountered a little boy about 4 years old in full regalia, alone and crying. She asked him why he was crying. “I’m lost! Boo-hoo.” She said, “What’s your name?” Between sobs, he replied, “Thunder Black Elk.” She asked, “Is your daddy Frank Black Elk?” “Yes, boo hoo.” She said, “Well, guess what, I know your daddy. In fact, everybody in this WHOLE PLACE knows your daddy! So you’re not lost at all! C’mon, let’s go find your daddy.” I didn’t even see him, but in my opinion, Thunder will always be the cutest kid at any pow wow ever!