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On presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's campaign website, Native Americans can sign up to host "Native American meeting or house party."

2016: Hillary Clinton Campaign Launches 'Native Americans For Hillary' Group

Simon Moya-Smith

Presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton is once again vying for the Native American vote.

Hidden deep in her campaign’s website, Native Americans in support of Clinton can join a "Native Americans for Hillary" group and sign up to host a "meeting or house party." They can also "join a local Native American event," the website reads.

Following registration, an automated email is sent to supporters. The email reads: “With your help, we will show that the Native American community across the country is Ready for Hillary!”

Since she announced her candidacy more than a week ago, Clinton, who unsuccessfully ran for president in 2008, has not publicly stated whether she’ll stump at any of the country’s 325 reservations while on the campaign trail.

In her 2003 autobiography, "Living History," Clinton claimed to have Native American heritage. She wrote that her maternal grandmother belonged to a family with “French Canadian, Scottish and Native American ancestry.”

Clinton isn’t the only presidential candidate who’s hoping to garner the Native American vote. A Twitter account in favor of the Republican candidate Senator Rand Paul was launched earlier this month with an avatar reading, “Native-American For Rand.”

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Paul’s proposed budget in 2011 called for the elimination of funding to the Bureau of Indian Affairs. At that time, Paul, who is a medical doctor by trade, sought to cut the Indian Health Services budget by half.

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value116's picture
Submitted by value116 on
It's early in the campaign. Let's see how far and where in Turtle Island Hillary is willing to travel. All the politicians make promises--many are broken--some they intend to keep--some they don't. What, exactly, is Hillary willing to commit herself to? What is her plan? What is her program? Her husband, then President Clinton, came to Pine Ridge, speaking of empowerment zones--empowerment for whom? When? and where? The when and where need to be Now, Here and Now!As for the mention of Rand Paul in the end of the article--based upon his desire to eliminate BIA funding and his desire to emaciate the IHS budget, he must have either undergone a huge metamorphosis since 2011 or be delusional or just cold and calculating enough to think that we wouldn't remember his baggage or be foolish enough to think that because he says something we'll give him undying support. Let him, let all of them work for our vote. Whether they believe it or not it's a different day now.