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Applications for Cobell Scholarships are being accepted through June 1.

Cobell Scholarship Applications Available Now

Tanya H. Lee

The American Indian Graduate Center has announced it will accept applications for Cobell Scholarships for the 2015 fall term from now through June 1. The scholarships, open to American Indian and Alaska Native students, are intended to help pay the cost of attending post-secondary vocational schools and institutions of higher education, such as colleges and universities, for students who demonstrate financial need.

The Cobell Scholarship Fund was established as part of the $3.9-billion settlement of the Cobell v. Salazar litigation resulting from the mismanagement by the federal government of moneys it held in trust for AI/AN individuals. So far, the Interior Department has transferred $12 million into the fund, which could eventually grow to $60 million.

Applications and eligibility criteria are available on the AIGC website.

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Submitted by bullbear on
AIGC is a recipient organization of Cobell funds for higher education. These funds are not solely for graduate level scholarships. Rather they are for enrolled AI/AN at junior colleges, tribal colleges, and universities for those students who are, essentially, undergraduates. Pardon me for saying so, but that would make it somewhat misleading in that it is managed by a "graduate center" which was established for purposes of funding only those at the graduate level. It would make more sense to have Cobell undergraduate funds channeled through an organization that serves these students. That would allow AIGC to devote its time and resources to its first and foremost role which is to serve AI/NA at the graduate level.