The hosts of a French music show ‘Pow Wow’ celebrate the launch of their new show. The network changed the name 24 hours after it sparked much debate on social media.

Social Media Firestorm Shoots Down ‘Pow Wow’ TV Show in Montreal


On Monday, a TV network based in Montreal launched a French-language music show titled ‘Pow Wow’, but after 24 hours of social media backlash, ICI Radio-Canada Télé was forced to change the show’s name.

The network cited concerns about “issues related to ownership of the name” as well as its appropriateness and meaning, according to CBC’s translation of ICI Radio’s apology.

Several people took to Twitter to protest the name, using hashtags: #notyourmascot, #culturalappropriation, #Nativeisnotatrend, and #firstnations. Historian Émilie Pigeon tweeted, “They now cite significance of the word and its ownership in decision to rename the show. No apology.”

CBC and Radio-Canada journalist, Caroline Nepton Hotte, who covers Aboriginal issues, tweeted a link to a website run by an Aboriginal artist and explained that the word is dear to First Nations people and should not be used.

On Tuesday, the network announced the name change in French on Twitter and online.

According to its website, the ICI Radio is a public broadcast network and is owned by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The show stars hosts Claudine Prévost and Pierre Lapointe.

A new name for the show has not been chosen.

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