Detail of snapshot of the script for 'The Ridiculous Six,' click the thumbnail in the story below for the full version.

Read a Page From the Adam Sandler Script That Caused Native Actors to Quit

Vincent Schilling

Native actors who walked off the set of Adam Sandler’s movie The Ridiculous Six managed to snap a quick photograph of one of the pages of the script that shows offensive language and insults to native women. In the scene, characters "Beaver Breath," "Smoking Fox" and "Never Wears Bra" discuss the novelty of toilet paper, and it is revealed that their own approach to hygiene involves keeping their private parts clean with dead animals. 

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Additionally, the characters speak in broken stereotypical English.

The script reads as follows:


The Creek area is busy. Braves spear-fish while children play in the water.

Smoking Fox is on the banks of the creek, doing laundry with her best friends: a 30-ish chubby woman, BEAVER BREATH, and a younger woman, NEVER WEARS BRA (both Apache).


I have a big idea for your wedding: we decorate trees with toilet paper!


What is this “toilet paper”?

A page from the script of 'The Ridiculous Six.' Click to open a full-size version in a new tab.


Paper used to clean your chi-wat after taking a chungo.


That what dead squirrel for!


Why we all so afraid to try something new in this village? Must I speak with the spirits to see if it "okay" to have clean chi-wat without murdering innocent rodent?


Whoa somebody "on the raccoon" today…

As they all laugh, smoking Fox looks over at Tommy. He is surrounded by kids. He shoots an arrow in the air, and catches it with his teeth. The kids are impressed.


You lucky, Smoking Fox. White Knife all man. Bravest of all braves.


Not brave, foolish. I want to be wife, not widow.

* * *

The Gawker website Defamer obtained an earlier version of the script, which includes a female character named "Sits-on-Face," who inspires another character to declare "Well then, I'm Stiff-In-Pants!" It also includes the one-liner "How bout after this we go someplace and I put my peepee in your teepee?" LINK: These Are the Jokes That Caused Actors To Walk Off Adam Sandler's Set

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toso mustaj's picture
toso mustaj
Submitted by toso mustaj on
What a load of garbage. What would Sandler do if someone wanted him to be in a movie making fun of Jews? Oh, wait, didn't he already do that?

Flower's picture
Submitted by Flower on
That is OFFENSIVE and NOT FUNNY at all. They deserve to be shamed and I hope the directors go broke in making this terrible film.

hammertime's picture
Submitted by hammertime on
Yea, that is great ...lets make fools out of the natives and call it a comedy.... Lets degrade them and have then dance around for Adam Sandlers amusement. I am pretty sure that Adam Sandler is a Jew and he should do a spoof comedy on the Holocost .. I think .that movie would be a riot.....I am sure that it could be done is a tasteful way not to offend anyone too. ...

ikhaira's picture
Submitted by ikhaira on
What I'm wondering is, how is this site still referring to itself as "Indian Country?" Are you guys talking about India?

fionajagose's picture
Submitted by fionajagose on
Oh Adam Sandler, the name sounded familiar but i just couldn't quite place it. I googled and youtubed and yes now I remember. He used to play the same character but changed his clothes now and then so as to walk through an array of different film sets. That's okay I suppose as mediocrity has its place. But (it's been a long time since I've used a conjunction to start a sentence BUT this is an emergency) his or anyone else's promotion of such dull, racist drivel is not only unforgivable but totally lacking in talent. What a waste of resources, potential and time. It's never a good sign if actors have to be reminded that a litany of hard-hitting humiliations is in fact comedy. Sensitive to Adam Sandler's brainchild? I left before I even came.

swrussel's picture
Submitted by swrussel on
Sandler's fool with good intentions and a boatload of luck schtick is funny the first three or four times....but you run out of locations for the fool to stumble though his routine and, since you know the drill, it gets to be boring. This unfunny script leads me to wonder if the schtick is the real Sandler? If it is, he means no harm. He's just dumb. I make jokes about Indians all the time. We are not people who can't laugh at ourselves. But the laugh lines in what I see of this script elude me.

rockymissouri's picture
Submitted by rockymissouri on
Yep. That's sounds like his ignorant sort of humor. Just one problem: it's not funny. It's insulting and gross...and makes Sandler look stupid and empty headed.

value116's picture
Submitted by value116 on
Crude, revolting script. The British would say "rubbish." It's not a comedy, it's a travesty. What a waste of production money. The name Adam Sandler appears to be synonymous with a garbage dump. Obviously the man has no talent that's visible.

Gina Sixkiller
Gina Sixkiller
Submitted by Gina Sixkiller on
Tonight at 10 there is supposed to be another news story on this defending the film. the news station is Ricky extra on the set says it is not offensive yet when I asked him to show me the evidence that it wasn't he produced none. He did however state that the extras that walked off would "never work in this state again". His comments can be seen on my facebook page.

curtj's picture
Submitted by curtj on
Ikhaira.. I ask that question all the time. Why do our people want to continue to be called Indians? My people never came from India, yet my people proudly call themselves Indians, maybe in remembrance of the syphilis afflicted lost slaver, rapist and mass murderer to his credit Columbus, with 500,000 Natives murders to his credit. Our people are afflicted by a bastardized version of the Stockholm Syndrome, with our leaders as bureaucratic middlemen in the theft of our resources and lands.

Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
Old school Apaches fishing? Well, I suppose that they didn't listen to a single thing their "cultural advisor" told them, did they? They didn't pay attention to him when he told them the Apache didn't dress like the plains NDNs. Why hire a technical advisor if you're just going to ignore EVERYTHING he says? The N'De traditionally didn't eat fish. I guess that all changed when they were starving Prisoners of War at Fort Pickens in Florida. Still, Sandler has lost a fan and I've already vowed to NEVER see another of his movies again. Not only that, I'll encourage EVERYONE in my rather large extended family to never see another Sandler movie again.

Sandra A Solomon
Sandra A Solomon
Submitted by Sandra A Solomon on
Adam Sandler's view and respect for Native American and Alaska Natives are are a disgrace, not just to us but our ancestors who have been here 1600 B.C. Adam is Jewish and I hope his ancestors look down at him with total Shame. I hope and the produces fail and go broke over this. They are all worthless idiots.

Matcha Man
Matcha Man
Submitted by Matcha Man on
I think Netflix should be publicly flogged over social media. If an online petition hasn't been started to demand Netflix not air this piece of crap, then maybe it's time to start one? I'd prefer to leave it to someone who can write some elegant prose and can perhaps be more effective at change than I can , given I'm so pissed right now, I just want to verbally bash these isolated privileged pricks who constantly bash those with little or no voice to further their own privilege and wealth at the expense of indigenous peoples all over the world.

Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
To IKHAIRA below: I continue to use the word "Indian" as a way to flaunt the ignorance of a bloodthirsty European who became famous for being lost. When I'm writing it without this reference (to friends or family), I use NDNs.