Video: Adam Sandler's Producer To Native Actors: 'Sensitive? You Can Leave'

Vincent Schilling

In an exclusive video obtained by one of the actors on set, Goldie Tom, Native Actors discuss their disappointment on the set of the Adam Sandler movie. During the discussion one of the producers tells the actors, “Here’s the thing, If you are overly sensitive about it… then you should probably leave.”

The actors are visibly frustrated at the remarks.

Other comments from the producer and crewmembers include “We have a lot to lose, Adam Sandler is playing a person that loves you guys, he’s the Hero” and that they would not change the Native character’s name Beaver’s Breath.

The Ridiculous Six story posted by Indian Country Today Media Network has since gone viral and media outlets from across the country have also posted the story.

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Carlisle Antonio
Submitted by Carlisle Antonio on
I wonder if he would call his non native actors names such as 'Retarded Jewish Turd' or 'Hitler was right about you' 'Auschwitz Skinnies' 'Dachau in your face' - just saying.....all in the name of comedy of course. And if he didn't like it, then he could leave and go back to wherever he came from....

J_rgen's picture
Submitted by J_rgen on
Adam Sandler's attempt to top Seth Macfarlane's "Million ways to die" spoof western film is off to a poor start. Seth at least has the decency to portray us in a fair light with tasteful comedic elements... the things I've been reading coming from this production is outright appalling. Racists of the world will definitely love this film, but its a boycott for me.

Michael Dean
Submitted by Michael Dean on
Good for them! I was very disappointed that this incident involves directly/ indirectly one of my favorite funny men. That said, I was VERY pleased that those brothers and sisters chose to walk off of the set --- especially a project that involves such a high profile celebrity. My only hope is that –regardless the change(s) that may, or may NOT be made to the script – they DON'T get talked back into participating in the project! ...other than protesting it! I'm an African-American artist, myself (novice playwright/ screen-writer). I mention this only because 3-4 of my projects involve Native American ( 'Indian'?...) characters of various nations and cultures. I have absolutely NO connections to the film industry –especially the big Hollywood studios. Yet, the very first thing I did after I developed 'my' story-lines (as well as concept for each work) , was to research, research and research EACH group, and its specific customs and cosmology. THEN I tried (and STILL trying...) to make as many contacts with each of those specific peoples, (not much luck with the 'Haida', though...) My point is, I'm a starving artist that doesn't even know how he'll pay the bills half the time, yet I scrimp and save to buy research materials and books to learn as much as I can. Even with a completed project, I still wouldn't feel comfortable even presenting a treatment for purchase without the blessings from various representatives (from all walks-of-life and status) for each of those specific groups. In contrast, you have these cats with a single project that , surly, has MILLLIONS invested in it! Surly they also have the means to bring in consultants and tribal representatives ask questions and guide them when needed . THAT IS, IF THEY 'REALLY' WANTED TO!! I don't care how ludicrous and 'ridiculous' of a comedy' the script is and was conceived , you can still respect the people that you are, in part, satirizing. Hasn't Hollywood learned ANYTHING from those racist Westerns of the '30s thru '60s? So... Adam couldn't find a Native sista' to play that role they assigned to the white female artist, depicting a Native woman, huh? Adam...say it ain't so!

Opichi's picture
Submitted by Opichi on
I would like to start a protest that reaches netflix directly. How about selecting one or more DO NOT STREAM DAYS from them to let them know how many of their members object to this material? Considering the number of disappeared and murdered Native women, I also think the names they gave those female characters - giving one a name that makes her walking tits, the other a name that replaces her mouth with her genitals - that to me qualifies as hate speech and I want to object to it as such. Anyone who has any ideas on how to make such an even spread in social media, please let me know or help? Thanks!