Courtesy Angel Young
Three-year-old Marley Malnourie is one of ICTMN’s Cutest Pow Wow Kids!

Photo: Cutest Pow Wow Kid of the Week


 Indian Country Today Media Network’s pow wow kid of the week is three-year-old Marley Malnourie.
Marley is a member of the Arikara/Lakota tribes.
Her photo was submitted by Angel Young, a data techician at the United Tribes Technical College in Bismark, North Dakota.
If you know a child ICTMN can feature as a pow wow kid of the week, please submit your image to us at [email protected]. In the email, include the child’s: name, age, parent’s names, tribal affiliation, his/her dance style, and a little bit about the pow wow he/she attended.

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