Republicans in the Colorado Senate are preparing to kill a bill that would regulate the use of Native American mascots in the state.

Killing It Softly: Listen As Senate Republicans in Colorado Prepare to Snuff Mascot Bill [Audio]

Simon Moya-Smith

Today at the Colorado State Legislature, Senate Republicans are preparing to kill a bill that would regulate the state’s use of its more than 30 Native American mascots at its public schools.

Bill sponsor Democrat State House Representative Joe Salazar told ICTMN that the Republican-lead senate had threatened to kill the bill even while it was being heard in the House Education Committee in March. The bill made it out of the Democratic-lead House last week.

Salazar said HB 1165, co-sponsored by Senate Democrat Jessie Ulibarri, is imperative because Native American mascots have been proven to harm the mental health and stability of Native American youths. His Republican colleagues, however, argue state governments should not intervene on decisions that should be made on a local level.

On his Facebook page, Salazar called on supporters to travel to the State Capitol today in Denver to show support and solidarity for the bill. The hearing is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. MST in room SCR 356.

Supporters (as well as the opposition) can listen to the arguments for and against the bill – including the final vote – by clicking here.

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