Move Over Netflix! AMERIND Launches NativeFlix VOD Service


AMERIND Media Group, the Native owned and operated media company in Hollywood, Calif., has launched NativeFlix, a video-on-demand service that will allow viewers to watch movies, television series, documentaries and educational programs from their computers and on mobile devices.

“For too long, quality Indigenous entertainment has been available only in a fragmented way,” Tim Harjo, CEO of AMG, said in a news release. “We’ve created a new, convenient, and affordable way to watch quality Indigenous entertainment in one place.”

The service currently offers several genres of programming, including children and family, comedy, lifestyle, culture, drama, and music. And it will eventually bring original programs to its audience.

The company is working with tribes, and tribal based organizations to offer discounted subscription packages. Its subscription fee is $5.99 per month, compared to Netflix, which charges $7.99 for its basic offerings. Customers can also rent new releases for $3.99.

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AMG is also developing an app for mobile and streaming devices, and they will offer pay-per-view access of major Indigenous events such as pow wows, Indian rodeos, and sporting events, the release said.

NativeFlix prides itself as the best in Indigenous entertainment, and through its service, the company hopes to deliver a greater understanding of what it means to be Indigenous.

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