Meagen Baldy
Hoopa Home Chef Meagen Baldy cooks up a deer meat saute with beets, beet greens, rosemary, morels and leeks.

Video: Hoopa Home Chef Cooks Up Deer Meat and Teaches Some Hupa Language


In this installment of Cooking Healthy in Indian Country, Meagen Baldy shows viewers how to cook up a deer meat sauté using beet greens, beets, morels, leeks and rosemary.

Baldy explains that morels are mushrooms that are local to Hoopa, California, and they are high in vitamin K.

She uses the beet greens because “a lot of people don’t know you can utilize the beet greens, they carry iron, fiber, they also carry a good amount of potassium and vitamin K.”

This installment also features some Hupa language instruction from Meagen’s son, Robert Baldy. Throughout the video, Robert breaks in with useful words like k’e’wilna, or “cooking.”

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