Cliff Matias
One of the biggest crowds ever came out to see A Tribe Called Red at Stage 49 during the Gathering of Nations pow wow April 23-25. While they worked the turntables, world champion hoop dancers performed on stage. Center James Johns, left, Tony Duncan, right, Sage Romero.

10 Photos From the World’s Biggest Pow Wow That You Need to See


Although the Gathering of Nations ended a few weeks ago, its "wow" effect on Native peoples and Americans lasts the entire year.

And this year, in Albuquerque, N.M., at the University of New Mexico, GON, one of America's most exciting events, celebrated 32 years with all the fuss: dancers, singers, hundereds of vendors at the Indian Trading Market, and even President Obama made an appearance (via video), pushing forward with the White House's Generation-Indigenous, or Gen-I initiative.

ICTMN photographer Cliff Matias attended the pow wow, and captured some of the biggest moments, like the crowning of Miss Indian World, and the grand entry where at least 150,000 people watched the procession, or lined up for it; but Matias also found those private moments that perhaps, didn’t get a second look.

The two-day pow wow, April 24-25, was an event that Natives and Non-Natives should make an annual tradition.

Take a look at some of Matias's work.

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Young Acoma Rain dancers take a break between shows at the Gathering of Nations pow wow.

Fans waited in line at the Gathering of Nations to get a signed copy of Jude Schimmel's (far left) new book: Dreamcatcher.

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