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Jacoby Ellsbury is a center fielder for the Yankees.

Jacoby Ellsbury Shares an Important Lesson He Learned From His Mother


Jacoby Ellsbury’s mother, Margie McCabe, instilled many strong values in him as a kid. But the lesson that the Yankee center fielder still clings to today is the value of hardwork.

"If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish it," Ellsbury told "She was great. Raising four boys, I just think about all of the sacrifices she made for us. Working, taking us to ballgames, and basically allowing me to do what I do now. A big part of that was my mom."

In an interview with, Ellsbury talked about the sacrafices his mother made for him and his brothers as they were growing up in Oregon. McCabe, Navajo, raised her sons to understand and treasure Native traditions, and to be proud of who you are and where you came from.

She also recognized that Ellsbury was passionate about baseball at a young age, and wanted to see his dreams come to fruition. She told the website about an assignment he worked on in elementary school.

"He was 10 years old, and he said that his dream was to play Major League Baseball, about being in the 'hot box,' winning the World Series, being on a baseball card and seeing Ken Griffey Jr.," McCabe told the website. "He also mentioned that he knows a lot of kids want to play baseball, and only a few kids will make it. But he said, 'I think I will.' He said that it would take a lot of work and practice. That's what he did as a child."

Today, McCabe works with youth on the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs in Oregon. And perhaps, she’s sharing that same message of hardwork to other Native youth who are dreaming big just like Ellsbury.

“Every day she’s doing something else for someone,” Ellsbury said.

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