Video: New Music From A Tribe Called Red! 'Suplex' Goes Out to Wrestling Fans


A Tribe Called Red have released a new EP, and wrestling fans will no doubt love the name: Suplex. The tracks included are "Suplex" (ft. Northern Voice), "The People's Champ" (ft. Hellenback) and "Bodyslam" (in original and remix versions). Suplex is available for purchase on iTunes, and ATCR's online shop is carrying new 8-bit wrestling-themed t-shirts designed by Steven Paul Judd.

Katy bar the door, wrestling fans—DJ NDN, Bear Witness and 2oolman are coming off the top rope with this one.

Below is the video for "Suplex," which premiered today. "In North America we had pros like Chief Jay Youngblood and Wahoo McDaniel who were indigenous, but had to dress in headdress and tassels to compete," Bear Witness told The FADER. "The idea of the video was to show that connection we made to these people beyond stereotypes, but also to see an indigenous character make it, without needing the stereotype."

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