Photo courtesy Gregg Deal.
John Trudell strikes a chord with Deal because, the artist says, "we are often taunted and dismissed for doing little more than wanting to be human." Photo courtesy Gregg Deal.

Mr. Trudell Goes to Washington: Gregg Deal's Latest Mural Pays Tribute


A year ago, as part of the Fine Line Mural Jam, artist Gregg Deal painted a mural that linked made the connection between the use of Native American mascots in football and the genocide perpetrated on Natives in the name of American progress. For Deal, who is based in Washington, DC, home of the ever-controversial "Redskins," the image made a statement on an issue that confronts him on a daily basis.

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On May 9, Deal, Pyramid Lake Paiute, again participated in the Fine Line Mural Jam, creating an image that pays tribute to a well known figure in Indian country. "I wanted to make a statement through one of our great leaders and poets, John Trudell," says Deal. "His words speak to all, but speak also to the fact that here in Washington DC, as Indigenous people fight against harmful Native mascots, Keystone XL Pipeline, violence against women, and demand respect for our sovereignty and the inherent right to be ourselves in our own lands, we are often taunted and dismissed for doing little more than wanting to be human."

This mural may be seen at 514-680 Rhode Island Avenue NE in Washington, DC. For more information on Gregg Deal, visit

Gregg Deal's mural dedicated to John Trudell. Photo courtesy Gregg Deal.

Artist Gregg Deal and his daughter Sage with the John Trudell mural. Photo courtesy Gregg Deal.

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