NAJA 2014 Student Project
NAJA is crowdfunding to encourage student journalists to cover the 2016 presidential race.

NAJA Crowdfunding to Encourage Native Student Coverage of 2016 Election


The Native American Journalists Association is empowering journalism students to cover the 2016 presidential race through NativeEye 2015-2016, a crowdfunding project that combines mentoring, training, hands-on experience in multimedia reporting, and online coursework through the University of Montana School of Journalism.

NAJA hopes to raise $15,000 to provide 10 college students with travel, food, lodging, transportation to cover stories, and other expenses related to their training. The funding would also cover some hands-on training during NAJA’s annual National Native Media Conference, being held this year in the Washington, D.C.-area in July.

This project not only aims to train Native student journalists, it also aims to provide voters with information about how each presidential candidate’s proposed policies would affect American Indian and Alaska Native communities if elected.

According to the indiegogo page: “NAJA envisions that the NativeEye web portal would be a destination website for voters to interact with each other through chats, as well as a place for them to view videos and other multimedia content about the presidential race.”

The students involved with NativeEye will get three hours of college credit toward their degree, and won’t be working alone. They “will be matched with mentors—professional journalists with experience in covering elections—who help guide the fellows in their stories about the presidential race.”

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