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Jayli Wolf told Billboard that the video is about 'when you finally forgive and the freedom that comes along with it.' Photo source: Spotlights Aboriginal Artist's Debut Music Video

5/25/15, the website of the highly influential record-industry magazine Billboard, has spotlighted the debut music video by Once a Tree, a husband-and-wife duo fronted by Jayli Wolf, Salteaux.

The song, "Howling," and its video have a theme of coming to terms with organized religion and spirituality. Both Jayli and her husband, Hayden John Wolf, were raised as Jehovah's Witnesses, but no longer identify as members of that faith.

"The song is a good way to express self-discovery—the occult scenes are representing the oppression that the past can hold over a person, the church setting relates to how me and Jayli have comes to terms with our relationship to God," John told Billboard. "And the wolf represents freedom, and the blowing out the candles is putting the past to rest and opening a new chapter." 

Jayli told Billboard that the wolf imagery came to her in a dream: "I was running with white wolves, and I was on this cliff under this grandiose full moon and purple skies. ... And I just felt so alive in that dream, so free, that I had to put the past to rest. I think it’s a moment a lot of people can relate to -- when you finally forgive and the freedom that comes along with it."

Here's the video for "Howling," which Billboard calls "dreamy, sinuous," and "evocative;" for more on Once a Tree (including details on their forthcoming debut EP Thousand Lives) visit the group's official site and Facebook page.

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