Roger Goodell Is ‘the Devil,’ Says Former NFL Pro Bowler


Joe Horn, a four-time NFL Pro Bowler who played for the New Orleans Saints, thinks NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is, well, less than saintly.

"Here’s what I don’t like,” he told’s Melissa Jacobs. “I don’t like what Roger Goodell is doing. He has so much power that he can almost shut people down. I just don’t like him. And I don’t like that on draft day these kids don’t know that they’re hugging the devil. I hate to see kids that are lost and then happy but they really don’t know that the man they’re hugging will rip their throat apart. If he has an opportunity to take money from them, or there’s a situation where they’re guilty before they go to court, he’ll rip them apart. And there’s nothing no one can do about it. If the owners are happy with Roger Goodell, the fans, the media, no one can take his job from him. I hate it."

Horn, a former receiver, played 12 seasons with the NFL, and amassed 8,744 receiving yards and 58 touchdowns. In 2003, he was fined $30,000 by Commissioner Paul Tagliabue for hiding a cell phone under the padding of a goal-post and placing a call during the game to celebrate a touchdown.  

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Earlier this year, Goodell was slammed by Tagliabue for the NFL’s PR woes. Among his many missteps, Goodell has largely sided with Dan Snyder on the Washington football team’s name, saying that it “honors” Native Americans.

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