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Alex Hill stands in front of her race car during the Sprint Car Series at the Ohsweken Speedway in Canada on May 15, 2015.

Going 60 Without a Driver’s License: Young Racer Too Fast for School

Sam Laskaris

Alex Hill is still several months away before she can legally get her driver’s license. But that hasn’t prevented the 15-year-old, who lives in the Canadian Six Nations community of Ohsweken, from making a name for herself in the racing community.

Hill, who started racing go-karts at the age of nine, is participating in a pair of Sprint Car Series this year. On Friday nights she will be participating in a circuit in her hometown, at the Ohsweken Speedway. And then, she’ll be making a five-hour trip each week to compete in a Saturday evening series in Fremont, Ohio.

On straightaways of the 3/8-mile tracks, she approaches speeds of almost 90 miles per hour. And at a younger age, she drove 60 MPH in a different car on straightaways, her father Miles Hill said.

“I don’t need a license [to compete],” said Hill. “And it’s not really that hard. All you do is turn left.”

Earlier this month, Hill, who is Onondaga, won the first race of the season at the Ohsweken Speedway. Hill, who was the youngest entrant in the field of 15, received $400 and a plaque for her efforts. She started the 15-lap race in the Number 3 slot.

Alex Hill in her race gear (Courtesy ImageFactor.ca)

“By the second corner I was in second place,” she said. “And then on the third lap, again on the second corner, I took the lead. I led for the entire race after that.”

However, Hill was not quite sure how far ahead she was. “I thought the second-place guy was really close, right behind me,” she said. “But I watched a video of the race three or four days after, and I saw he was a straightaway behind.”

And Hill is not resting on her laurels. She plans to compete weekly at her hometown track in the circuit, which runs until September; and is hoping to accumulate enough points to capture the series championship. “I also want to win a race in Ohio,” Hill said. “The competition there though is really tough.”

Hill caught the racing bug while watching races as a youngster at the Ohsweken track in Ontario, Canada. Her father owned a car there, and today, the family owns Hills Racing, a team which includes Alex. “We enjoy it,” said Miles Hill. “We travel so much together now as a family.”

Alex Hill pulls ahead of a second racer during the Sprint Car Series at the Ohsweken Speedway in Canada. (Courtesy ImageFactor.ca)

Hill’s mother, Pam, admits to getting somewhat nervous watching her daughter compete. “I know she has the top of the line safety equipment,” she said. “That calms me down a bit.”

“She’s pretty driven,” added her mother. “There’s been a few times where she’s rolled the car a few times.”

Pam also said she has expected her daughter to pull out of races after an accident. But to her surprise, with the help of track crew, has managed to straighten out her car and resume racing.

Hill, who is a 10th grade student at Assumption College in Brantford, Ontario, had also played hockey and softball while growing up. Up until about three years ago, she was still playing softball. “I had to pick one,” she said. “I decided to do racing full-time.”

And though she hopes to go to university in Los Angeles, Calif., and eventually earn a master’s degree in Social Work, Hill is also keen to continue her racing career.

“When I get older, I want to race in the World of Outlaws,” she said.

Photo from AnishinabekNews.ca.

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