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Comanche community volunteers prepare sand bags as flooding threatens homes and buildings.

Tribes Cope With Flooding in Oklahoma


Flooding in Oklahoma briefly closed down the Comanche casino and postponed a Muscogee fishing tourney this week as tribes and municipalities contended with extreme weather.

Workers and volunteers made and set up sandbags to keep waters at bay from homes and buildings on the Comanche reservation in southwest Oklahoma, while the Comanche Nation Casino in Lawton, Oklahoma, was closed for a day, the tribe announced on May 25.

The Comanche Nation Community Center in Walters was also designated as a shelter for flood victims, the tribe said in a statement that encouraged residents without power or otherwise affected by flooding to take refuge there.

Elsewhere in Oklahoma, the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Festival Bass Classic was rescheduled for Saturday July 18 at Lake Eufaula, the tribe announced on May 28.

“Due to flooding concerns, we’re rescheduling the bass tournament for the safety of our participants,” MCN Tourism and Recreation Director William Lowe said in a statement, adding that participants would not have to re-register. “We are excited and hope to have even more anglers for the new date.”

Extreme weather is wreaking havoc across parts of Texas, Oklahoma and other Midwestern states. Some parts of Texas have seen 20 inches of rain this month so far, according to The Weather Channel, and dozens of people are killed or missing. More rain was slated throughout the week. 

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