10 Ways to Tell If Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend Might Be Native

Vincent Schilling

Ahhh, the intensity of Native love when it is still in the budding phase. It’s the romantic time of our lives when the birds of spring seem to sing louder and the sky is just that much bluer. But what is it that defines this boyfriend and girlfriend stage of a Native relationship?

We at ICTMN have a few ideas – we were young and in love once too.

In order to give a bit of definition to a Native boyfriend or girlfriend – here are our lighthearted 10 ways to tell if Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend Might be Native.

You get stared down hard by her brothers, dad, uncles or male cousins when you go to her house

If you even dare to go to your Native girlfriend’s house, you might possibly find about 10 to 12 brothers uncles or any other males that will stare at you as if daring you to make a sudden move. One suggestion if this happens, do NOT try to kiss your girlfriend, hold her hand or even smile at her. Back out of the house slowly.

The stare down (Vincent Schilling)

You have to memorize 30 weird names of your boyfriend’s friends

One of the first things your Native boyfriend might do is to show you off to all of his guy friends. Be prepared to learn names like Keiko, Lucky Feather, Joe Joe Red, and Wolfie.

You'll be quizzed on their names tomorrow. (Courtesy SLAP Magazine)

More than a few hickies

Everyone’s had a hickie or two, but if you have a Native girlfriend you actually have about a hundred hickies on your neck that spell out – “hands off girls, he’s mine.”

Affiliation by hickie

You might have a few hickies on your neck – if you were feeling a little bit generous…. You might allow for his initials. If you were REALLY feeling generous, you might allow him to spell out his tribal affiliation or his pow wow dance style. Now make sure to cover it up so the men in your house don’t see it.

Your girlfriend takes you on a tour of her crafting supplies

If you’ve been dating for any length of time, you will most likely at some point be introduced to your Native girlfriend’s HUGE array of crafting supplies to include beads, stones, leather, feathers and much much MUCH more. Note: if you don’t like her craft supplies – the odds are good you may not have a Native girlfriend any longer. If you do like them, be prepared to get hooked up with some awesome handmade stuff from your girl at some point – it’s a labor of love.

And these are just some of my supplies (Courtesy

He tries to take you on a tour of his room to show you his drawings of wolves or something

Don’t fall for this one girlfriends, he’s just trying to be slick and try for one more possible hickie. Isn’t 100 hickies enough?

I think she liked my drawings (Courtesy

You think she looks great in her regalia

If you think your lady looks awesome in her regalia and when she wears it to a powwow you have a huge smile on your face and you know straight out who your partner is for the couples dance – it is safe to say in this case, you definitely have a Native girlfriend.

Look at my girl, she's smoking hot (Vincent Schilling)

When he is dressed for the powwow he looks like a straight up warrior

In the same way your man thinks you look great, if you see him dressed up in his regalia and watch with glazed eyes and a smile when he does the duck and dive or plays with the spirit of the Creator when he’s on the drum with his boys … you definitely have a Native boyfriend.

That's my warrior (Vincent Schilling)

If she makes you an awesome meal Native style

If your girlfriend hooks you up with some awesome frybread and corn on the cob she made with her mom, grandma or aunties and is playing Northern Cree, Frank Waln, Nataanii Means or Tribe Called Red in the background, you definitely might have a Native girlfriend – and if she’s doing all that – Marry that girl!

You look hungry, let me whip up something quick (Courtesy SLAP Magazine)

If your boyfriend tells you our women are sacred

If your boyfriend ever tells you that you are worthy of respect and reverence because his elders taught him the women are the creators of this world and that they are sacred, then your boyfriend is most likely a Native man. If he treats you with this dignity and respect, marry that boy!


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