Art by Jimmie Durham
'Pocahontas' Underwear' (see #1) by Jimmie Durham, Wolf Clan Cherokee.

Native Humor: He's So Native and She's So Native


Who's the most Native person? This relates a little bit to the idea of #NativerThanYou, which has been a popular hashtag among Indigenous tweeters, but this week one of our favorite accounts @_Native_Life revived the #HeIsSoNative and #SheIsSoNative hashtags, and there's some damn good stuff in 'em. How Native is he/she? He/she is so Native that...

10. #HeIsSoNative his first word was aaaaaye!

9. #SheIsSoNative Your kokum passed on her secret bannock recipe to her rather than your mom.

8. #HeIsSoNative that when he blows out his b-day candles, he proceeds to tell you a story from the smoke.

7. #SheIsSoNative even her time of the month runs on Indian time, and it scares the boyfriend every time.

6. #HeIsSoNative his frybread has been sold as "traditional medicine" to white people.

5. #SheIsSoNative she paints with all the colors of the wind.

4. #HeIsSoNative NDN Time waits for him.

3. #SheIsSoNative when she was born she came out side-stepping to a double beat,

2. #HeIsSoNative his braids are longer than hers.

1. #SheIsSoNative even her underwear is beaded.

Credits: @RoknRob121 (10), @wapimaskwa69 (9), @_Native_Life (8, 7, 5, 1), @Daxoai (6), @FrybreadSoldier (4, 3), @GWLeah (2)

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