Video: Cultural Genocide and 6,000 Dead Children, With A Tribe Called Red


“What took place in residential schools amounts to nothing less than cultural genocide.”

The bass tones of Justice Murray Sinclair, chairman of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, ring out ominously amid quick glimpses of people in the audience wiping their eyes.

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We are talking, of course, about the report that Sinclair presented on June 2, the culmination of five years of investigation into the effects of taking 150,000 children from their families and attempting to re-make them in the settlers’ image.

It is pointed out that more than 6,000 children died in those schools.

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“Of course, no one was counting,” the video reminds us.

“The messages that they gave us—like we were heathens, we were pagans - my way of life was no good,” says one survivor.

The big question of course, is, has anything changed? The answer might be no.

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This video calls out the current stats, plus gives an overview of the residential school system, all backed by the beat of A Tribe Called Red. With National Aboriginal Day approaching on June 21, it is a good time to break out this video for those who are uninformed. 

If you want to explain to anyone not in the know what exactly the residential schools entailed, this is a stirring and gripping video to send their way. It lays out the scene in stark detail, but in under two minutes. 

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