Kennewick Man Clay Model
Photo Courtesy Smithsonian
A clay facial reconstruction of Kennewick Man shows what he many have looked like.

Gov. Inslee: Turn Kennewick Man Over to the Tribes


In a letter sent to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on June 23 Washington Governor Jay Inslee requested that the remains of The Ancient One, or Kennewick Man, be turned over to Native American tribes.

“Now that DNA analysis has demonstrated a genetic link to modern Native Americans, including those in the State of Washington, I am requesting that the Ancient One be repatriated to the appropriate tribes as expeditiously as possible,” Inslee said in the letter. “Our Washington State tribes have waited 19 years for the remains to be transferred for reburial. During this time several studies have been completed, from the recent DNA analysis to numerous books. Rarely have Native American human remains been subjected to such intensive investigations and examinations.”

The DNA proof that Kennewick Man is Native contradicts the conclusion of a team of scientists that he was not.

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“The latest results, having ended many of the questions surrounding the identity of Kennewick Man, means that it is time we respect the tribes’ repeated requests for repatriation,” Inslee said.

The governor requested that the Corps of Engineers provide a timeline for repatriation, and offered assistance from the State of Washington Department of Archaeology & Historic Preservation to facilitate the transfer.

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Boston-paleface's picture
Submitted by Boston-paleface on
i watched a PBS docu called "First Peoples" the other day...found it quite fascinating...i'm glad to hear that the 'Ancient One' will soon be repatriated to his People...i'm also glad we had a chance to study him, he told us a lot...i was amused by the fact that the Indigenous Tribes were convinced he was part of them (& they were right), whereas the so-called experts who first examined him thought was only thru DNA that the answer was proven...spiritual is good & so is science, no need for them to conflict :)

smartphoenixnavajo's picture
Submitted by smartphoenixnavajo on
Well at the very least, it sets a precedent for future repatriation efforts of tribes. I am sure chatter and his cronies are not through though, the academics being orthodox, they still need to prove they are right. Whats strange is the whole "forensic" evidence situation, being used against native americans. Mainly, chatter saying, because the man did not look like modern indians, he was not part of them. Completely dismissing the bedrock of their science, aka darwinism. I should hope after tens of thousands of year, people don't look the same nor act, or we are all in deep trouble. Blessings.