ICTMN’s Weekend Pow Wow Guide


Now that the summer season has officially begun, one of the best things folks in Indian country can really enjoy are pow wows. And there’s something about the summer months that bring out a spirit of joy, excitement and peace.

This weekend, in South Dakota, its the 16th annual Leonard Peltier Day. The event is in place to commemorate Peltier’s activism, and call on others for his continued support. This event, which takes place today, is a beautiful tribute to kick off the other pow wows taking place this weekend.

Take a look at what’s happening at a venue near you (and for a complete list and related pow wow stories, go to


16th Annual Oglala Commemoration Leonard Peltier Day

When & Where: June 26; Oglala, South Dakota

For more information, visit


56th Annual Eastern Shoshone Indian Days

When & Where: June 26-28; Fort Washakie, Wyoming

For more information, visit


Circle The Bluffs Pow Wow

When & Where: June 27-28; Scottsbluff, Nebraska

For more information, call (308) 225-1325.


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