Ryan Red Corn
Ryan Red Corn's portrait of Sahmie Joshevama, Hopi, recent graduate of Arizona State University.

20 More Glorious Portraits of Native Americans by Ryan Red Corn


It was almost exactly one year ago that we featured portrait photography by Ryan Red Corn, Osage, a creative force in Indian country who is already well known as a graphic designer, media consultant (with Buffalo Nickel Creative) and member of the 1491s. As a photographer, though, he's gaining momentum—and fast. We checked his Facebook page and found another wealth of beautiful images of American Indians—both famous and not. 

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Red Corn has a few different series in the works—one of them, about Natives in finance and accounting, is represented here—and some other completed work he can't share just yet. As a performer and educator with the 1491s, and a frequent presence at rallies and demonstrations all over Turtle Island, Red Corn is a travelin' man who doesn't limit his subject matter to Oklahoma NDNs. In other words, Ryan Red Corn could turn up in your town next, camera in hand. Look sharp, Indian country.

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aliberaldoseofskepticism's picture
Submitted by aliberaldoseofs... on
Wonderful photos. His name's Che? LOL (Sorry, just because of what it means in Lakota...Usually I'm laughing at guys named Sean for that.)

goTara_1's picture
Submitted by goTara_1 on
Yes, his name is Che and he's not Lakota. He's Kickapoo and Otoe-Missouria. In Otoe Che means Buffalo. Its also a puerto rican nickname for Jose. Geez pervy guy.