Darren Miller Photography
Mauna Kea protectors hold rope woven from the ti plant.

10 Powerful Images from Mauna Kea


Dennis Miller Photography has set up a Facebook page called We Are Mauna Kea to document what’s been happening on the sacred mountain, where protectors recently were able to stop construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope “until further notice.”

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We wanted to call attention to some of these powerful images, which the page calls “reflections of aloha and of a people fighting for the protection of sacred lands.” The page says the images are meant to “support this integral effort to preserve pristine land on Mauna Kea’s summit.”

On Wednesday, June 24 the protectors were able to stop the construction of the telescope. This Facebook page described that day: “It was an intense and emotional day to be a part of and witness to the love that is strong and deep and determined for this mountain and this earth and for all people.”

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