Interior Declines Duwamish Tribal Organization Federal Recognition


Assistant Secretary – Indian Affairs Kevin K. Washburn just announced a final determination on remand that declined acknowledgment for the Duwamish Tribal Organization (Petitioner #25).

In 2013 the U.S. District Court in Western Washington vacated a 2001 Interior conclusion declining to acknowledge the DTO following an evaluation under its 1978 regulations.

The remand sent it back to Interior for review under 1994 revisions to the regulations or “explain why it declines to do so.”

In today’s final determination on remand, Interior “concludes the administrative process: the DTO petitioner does not meet the requirements for Federal acknowledgment as an Indian tribe under either the 1978 or 1994 regulations.” The Interior release stated.

The DTO, firs formed in 1925 is headquarterd in Seattle, Washington.


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