Breaking: Marijuana Operation on Pit River Land Raided

Lynn Armitage

Early this morning, federal drug enforcement agents reportedly conducted a raid on a marijuana cultivation facility on the Pit River reservation in Alturas, California, according to a local source.

Rory Flick, owner of the nearby Rim Rock Motel in Alturas, said he heard about the raid from some motel guests, construction crews who were working on the marijuana facility’s greenhouses. “They checked out early because of what was happening up there. They said around 6:00 a.m., many different agencies raided the place—the DEA, ATF, Bureau of Indian Affairs, the Sheriff’s Department and the FBI.”

Flick was not sure why the raid occurred on the 10-acre marijuana growing operation. “But I can tell you that the community doesn’t want it here. There has already been complaints regarding the Super 8 Hotel. A review on Trip Advisor said the room smelled like pot,” Flick said.  “It’s very detrimental to the community.”

Local Sheriff’s investigators were unavailable for comment. According to the Modoc County Sheriff’s dispatcher, they are still at the raid site.

The Pit River Tribe is a federally recognized tribe of 11 autonomous bands of Pit River Indians, who live along the Pit River in the northeast corner of California.

More coverage to follow.

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