Andrea Smith

Andrea Smith Releases Statement on Current Media Controversy


Andrea Smith took to her WordPress blog today to address the current media controversy as it pertains to her false identification as Cherokee.

In her blog Smith states, “I have always been, and will always be Cherokee. I have consistently identified myself based on what I knew to be true. My enrollment status does not impact my Cherokee identity or my continued commitment to organizing for justice for Native communities.”

Smith goes on to claim numerous false statements have been made about her in the media recently following the Rachel Dolezal fiasco.

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Smith went on to say “these social media attacks” carry a chilling message for Natives not enrolled. That message according to her is “that they should not publicly work for justice for Native peoples out of fear that they too may one day be attacked.

“It is my hope that more Indigenous Peoples will answer the call to work for social justice without fear of being subjected to violent identity-policing,” she wrote.

In closing Smith said she was shifting her “energies back to the work of social justice” out of respect for her family, students, colleagues and organizing communities.

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tmsyr11's picture
Submitted by tmsyr11 on
Thank you for responding and replying to these allegations. It is no secret there are a great many Indian people who are not necessarily 'registered'. Cherokee is a group to start with. However, the difference is these (common) people are not in positions of influence or recognition. They dont' get the attention or attacks to character as your receiving. Unfortunately, your treading in sensitive arenas where your cutting in line or taking 'attention' away from those "established" or "recognized" representatives to groups/practices deemed "indian".

Jim Harrison
Jim Harrison
Submitted by Jim Harrison on
MUCH OF MY EXTENDED family are Indian and I've spent decades in "Indian Country" (i myself am NOT Indian) … But a great mystery to my family and friends has been the VAST number of very European looking CHEROKEE… At last count there was something over 100 MILLION pasty-white 'Cherokee' running around America… And it seems ALL these Cherokee came from just two generations back… It was always Grandma or Grandpa who was 'full blooded' Cherokee… What the HELL has been going on down in Oklahoma, my family and friends want to know! SO ODD that the People MOST responsible for the SUFFERING of Black and Brown skinned people are never satisfied with their OWN CULTURE and have to BORROW from those their ancestors enslaved and slaughtered….

Sherri Hattori
Sherri Hattori
Submitted by Sherri Hattori on
She is nuts, how can you call yourself Cherokee with out proof. That's like me calling myself Chinese because I was told I was lol or I felt it in my heart, why can't people be happy with what they are? Lies about being native, or any other race that you can't proof, you are is just plain crazy, and to keep on with the lies is insulting to the Native American people!

Ron-Gene Nelson
Ron-Gene Nelson
Submitted by Ron-Gene Nelson on
Another "user.'