Above, ICTMN Columnist Sarah Sunshine Manning responds to Whitesboro, New York's racist seal. Meanwhile, the mayor of the village argues it is not. Social media, however, begs to differ.

Social Media Responds to Whitesboro, New York's 'Racist' Seal

Simon Moya-Smith

The mayor of a village in upstate New York is adamantly defending his town's official seal, which has recently come under broad scrutiny following the ongoing nationwide debate over the racist history of the Confederate flag.

The seal, which depicts a white man subduing a Native American, is, in fact, a representation of a friendly wrestling match, Whitesboro Mayor Patrick O’Connor stated.

“I am aware that people are upset about it,” O’Connor told Jackson Connor of The Village Voice. “Some have reached out directly to me through my village email. And if they looked at the seal and went with an opinion based solely on what they’re looking at, I could understand why people would have concern about it. But, [as with] everything else, I think you have to take all the facts into consideration. And if people take the time to do that and they reach out to us, or they do the research themselves, it’s actually a very accurate depiction of friendly wrestling matches that took place back in those days.”

For those on social media, however, the image is blantantly racist and indicative of a time when white colonialists considered Native Americans “savage” and forced entire nations from their ancestral homelands.

Here are just a few responses from social media to the seal as well as Connor's claim. To follow more on the discussion, search "Whitesboro" on Twitter or Facebook.

I agree with this frog's sobering emoji eyes:

Well put, sir:

I'm pretty sure even the folks at The Onion were like, "Wha? This is real?":

Yeah, uh huh, right:

Reporter Aura Bogado has a good idea here:

Last Real Indians took to Facebook to call the seal into question:

The town really does put the "white" in Whitesboro for this Twitter user:

The mayor may think it's fine, but it's not fine:

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toso mustaj's picture
toso mustaj
Submitted by toso mustaj on
The history of the seal is well documented. Social media morons who spout all the racist comments have manure for brains and should be drowned in the shallow end of the gene pool to protect future generations.

memcclung's picture
Submitted by memcclung on
Sure looks like a Hate crime taking place - they should be taken to court and sued. This had to be drawn up at a time that genocide was accepted and practiced by this area. Brainwashing drummed up this mentality and looks like the modern world still harbors the ignorance.

Ron-Gene Nelson
Ron-Gene Nelson
Submitted by Ron-Gene Nelson on
Hillary was a senator in N.Y., why didn't she do anything? Because there was nothing to push her agenda.