3 More Ways to Tell – You Are Probably On the Rez When

Vincent Schilling

Indian country itself is a land of rezzes. There are big ones, little ones and even rezzes that border-wise, look a bit like checkerboards. But this is just geography. What else signifies that we as Native people, or anyone for that matter – is actually on reservation land?

We are going to be putting out our feelers on this one because we at ICTMN KNOW our readers will have some good ones as far as just ways to tell … You Know You Are Probably On the Rez When.

SUBMIT YOUR OWN: Have a great way to tell … You Know You Are Probably On the Rez When?

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You have a breakfast burrito lady

Dominic Clichee on twitter sent us this reminder of an indication you might be on the Rez. You know her, you know her by name and you don’t even need to tell her your order – she just looks at you and starts making it. Thanks Dominic – now we’re hungry for a burrito. Tell your lady we’re stopping by and that we like extra salsa.

It rains – your car gets stuck in the road

Thanks to Ruth aka Seraphimmoon13 on twitter for this Rez reminder. You know the feeling as the rain starts – uh oh. Can I make it down this road? The answer is sadly – nope. You can’t, it is raining and you knew better. But you had to push it.

The store is out of flour and baloney

Ok Derek DeVerney on twitter called out the rez on this one. That’s right, you went to the store late on payday and they were out of some of the essentials weren’t they? The truck comes in next week – see you then.


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