Mother Earth Is Our Mother

Carly McIntosh

Right when you start walking freely in through the trees, you have a sense of discovery. Exactly when you take your first step you make a deep connection with the Earth, our Mother, the strength of Mother Earth pulls you closer to one another. Every time your eyes take one blink Mother Earth gives you a different gift to see each and every time. The bark of trees on how every stem has a hidden picture in it, while the leaves have shifting colors in them. Any tree your eyes have been guided to, is a treasure. You place your hand on that tree's trunk, and that tree will always have your caring hand print planted into it. Stepping even closer to that tree you give it a tree hug, sending the message to the tree that you love him. Slowly leaves start falling towards you, sending a message from the tree saying that he loves you too. Receiving the message, you set one leaf in your hand while feeling Mother Earth's heartbeat. You step back on course knowing every tree could be a habitat to a little wild creature, just as you have your own habitat.

As you continue walking the connection with Mother Earth guides you to look up to the sky. The shapes of clouds in the sky have a meaning to every one of them. Mother Earth always has a hidden pattern in the clouds of her wild animals. We are all given our own spiritual gift from Mother Earth, so we all see different. Once we have discovered that gift from Mother Earth the wind will slowly form different figures in the clouds.

While you keep following your path you look up to the clear blue sky, and see a hawk sailing through the sky. Seeing a hawk soar through the sky is a message from Mother Earth saying: you have the ability to lead and influence others. Ones that see any wild life on their journey are being given a message from Mother Earth. Every wild animal has been given a spiritual meaning. Depending on what you do in your life, that message from Mother Earth can have a different meaning to everyone.

Having learned that water is Mother Earth's blood, the rocks are her bones, and the land is her skin. With your ears you start hearing sounds of running water and that sound pulls you in. You discover with your eyes a little creek flowing through the path. Your eyes make a solid picture of Mother Earth and store it in your memory and you will never forget it. At the corner of your eye you spot a mother deer with her fawn slowly drinking from the creek. With seeing a deer and her fawn the message Mother Earth has sent you is: trust your instincts to guide you through this situation. Making eye contact with the deer, they go by instinct and wonder off into the trees.

Hearing the evening birds start to sing, Mother Earth informs you that your journey is coming to a resting point. Calmingly walking deeper into the trees you start gathering sticks and stones. Setting stone side by side forming into the shape of a circle, the shape of Mother Earth. Placing the sticks inside the circle of stones, as like the trees on Mother Earth. As the fire has been set, the sun has set. Sitting down you see the sky is a dark purple, and in the sky the stars have begun to flicker. You place your eyes on the fire, and see the smoke begin to form. In the smoke above the fire you start to see spiritual animals emplaced among it. When you start seeing all the spiritual animals take shape, you also see first nations start dancing around a fire. Looking deep into the fire, the meaning being told was of a first nation having a rain dance. While Mother Earth was giving you a night show, the northern lights had taken place in the sky. The lights select shades of blue with a line of green swerving in it. The northern lights continue to run in the sky, while hearing the coyotes sing following the guidance of Mother Earth. Slowly you see Mother Earth going to sleep for the night, which makes you do the same.

As the sun starts to raise, it shines through the trees giving all colourful wild flowers their morning sunlight. The warmth being sent from the sun giving strength to all living creatures as they awake and feed. Feeling the sun placed on you, the warmth making it feel as a morning hug from Mother Earth. Placing water onto the night fire, the left over smoke filters away. Just before you leave you place sage in the centre of your stones.

Mother Earth connects with you again, and sends you back to the start of natures path. Walking the day through the trees, you pass the creek where Mother Earth sent you the spiritual message. Hearing to the side you see a baby black bear in the creek. The black bear seems to be playing in the water to cool down from the heat of the sun. The cub rolling back and forth in the water while having fun is his own way. Seeing the black bear, Mother Earth has told you that great strength and confidence lies within you.

Following your past footprints you recognise the tree where you left your hand print, and the spirits let you see it. As your handprint is made clear by nature you witness spiritual colors surrounding it. Passing every gift Mother Earth had shown you, you soon come to your destination. Mother Earth directs you to look back on the path once more and you see a bundle of sage placed.

Carly McIntosh was born and raised in Manitoba, Canada and now resides in Calgary, Alberta. She recently found her ancestry. Her goal is to pursue a future with writing and hopes to open some closed eyes and minds.

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